Food container 0,5 l orange (art. 89о)

Code: 89о Barcode: 4820095710761

A small container is a great solution for taking some food to go (various sandwiches, pastries, cereals, etc.). The lid is tightly closed, but the containers are not hermetically sealed. Suitable for storing food in the refrigerator, for freezing or storing different trifles. Made of environmentally friendly plastic that does not absorb odors and is easy to wash or so.

Length - 109.0 (mm)
Width - 127.0 (mm)
Height - 57.0 (mm)

Package size (box)
Length - 380.0 (mm)
Width - 300.0 (mm)
Height - 210.0 (mm)
Amount in a package - 66 (pcs)