Set of bowls 0,7л. + 1,5л. + 2л. + 3л. myata (art. 74m)

Code: 74m Barcode: 4820095710082

When developing a line of bowls, we took into account all the features of their use in everyday life. We made the outer surface of the bowls matte so that they do not slip even if you take them with wet hands. We made the inner surface glossy to make them easy to clean. We have created the edges of the bowls to be rounded outward so that they can be easily gripped even with one hand. The set contains 4 bowls of different sizes: 0.7l., 1.5l., 2l. and 3L. In the very containers, it is convenient to heat food in the microwave, and large ones will be needed for fresh salads and kneading dough.

Package size (box)
Length - 520.0 (mm)
Width - 520.0 (mm)
Height - 250.0 (mm)
Amount in a package - 48 (pcs)