About us
We are the company "People's Product", the Ukrainian manufacturer working since 2004. Our specialty is the manufacturing of high-quality plastic food containers and different types of other containers.
Our products are in high demand throughout the territory of Ukraine, so we are the leaders of people's interest and we are in the top-3 of companies that manufacture plastic containers in our country. The entire range of products is manufactured from the European raw material on the imported equipment.
All products are fully certified in Ukraine and correspond to all sanitary and hygiene norms and requirements. Millions of users all over the country choose our product for its high quality, ergonomics, and practicality.
The mission of the company:
To give people useful and accessible products of high quality.
The company's values:
- The development and creativity
- Simplicity and functionality of the business
- Teamwork
- Orientation at the client
- Our team and care
Our responsibility
To the consumers for the guarantees of safety and quality of our product
To the employees of the company for the raising of social standards and people's development
We stand for unconditional compliance with the norms of the Law of Ukraine as well as with the corporate and management standards
To society – for the improvement of the ecology situation of the surrounding environment. We stand for the recyclable plastic containers and so we popularize the delivery of spoiled and unneeded plastic to the special places for the recycling
We stand for the general culture of doing business in Ukraine – we build honest and responsible relations with our clients and partners on the market
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